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Thread: Vodacom4Less Tariff: How We Were Quietly Robbed

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    Default Vodacom4Less Tariff: How We Were Quietly Robbed

    I am a Vodacom subscriber, I am on Vodacom4Less tariff. I don't know if anybody else who's on the same tariff has recognized this, Vodacom has quietly robbed us!

    On off-peak periods, the minimum discount used to be 50% Vodacom to Vodacom calls or Vodacom to other networks. But now they've changed it all up without even informing us! I've now realized that on off-peak periods the discount starts from 40% when making calls from Vodacom to another network.

    And I've realized something else as well, we (Vodacom subsbcribers) don't normally get a discont that hits up to 80% during the day on weekends! Unlike MTN Zone users, they are offered pretty awesome discounts anytime of the day or night on off-peak periods.
    I know, that the discounts are offered according to your location but Vodacom is screwing up everybody on this tariff regardless of where they are. Can somebody who's on Vodacom4Less tell me that they've discovered an 80% discount during the day on weekends? Anybody?

    There's something Vodacom is hiding away from us I think.

    Does anybody know why Vodacom did this, huh? I'd really appreciate your input on this post ladies & gentlemen, what's your take on this? I am very concerned. . .

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    Vodacom's attitude to this and most other of their deals is: we are the biggest and we have millions of customers who dont pay any attention and even though they may moan about it at the saturday braai, they wont ever change to another SP or even call the call center to ask why they are being overcharged or charged so much more than if they were with 8ta/cellc/mtn. In a way its 'wrong' of them, but all big companies seem to take this attitude on, so maybe its just how it is, if you dont like it, move to someone else. maybe one day vodacom will wonder why they lost 3 customers

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    I am so mad right now, why did they do this?

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    Vodacom MUST reconsider this tariff, I really don't like this 40% minimum on off peak periods!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tygga View Post
    Vodacom MUST reconsider this tariff, I really don't like this 40% minimum on off peak periods!
    Hey man I've noticed at certain times in the late evening and on some weekend I get up to 65%. If you check between 12am and 6am you sometimes get 100% calls but they give us a free 60m Vodacom to Vodacom calls at the time anyways.

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