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Thread: Most iconic cellphones in SA's history

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    Quote Originally Posted by pjjdp View Post
    My first brick was a 2110 as well in 1996.
    My Dad's first phone was a Black Nokia 918 in the mid 90's, supplied by the company he worked for.
    Remember the Extended Life batteries you could get for these phones that made them even bigger?

    Exactly like this one, but the black version:

    I loved the 3310, purely for Nokia Snake. To this day, there is no phone with a better version of
    that game! 3548 points! Beat that!

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    6310i, did anyone ever send away for that little custom tab on the bottom that Nokia gave away for joining Club Nokia. My first and probably only ever piece of mail from Finland.

    Not to mention, Snake was a bomb.

    My dad had the MicroTac, with both the standard & extended battery along with a dual charger and a 2nd 'quick' charger.

    Pretty insane when I think I've had the same mobile number for 15 years now, attached to 7 different phones and have had 5 different landline numbers serviced by just 1.
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    I've owned a 3310 myself, it was a nice phone.

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    I still have my Nokia 6110 and my Nokia 1110i. I have dumped a few phones but just cannot bin these two.

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    my first phone was a motorola flare..the sim card was the size of a credit card..had a aerial almost as long as a vcars... that blue 3310 was the one people went crazy over....i reckon it took off then..

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    My V3 Razr is still in use.

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    My dad had the Phillips Diga when I was in primary school. We were all amazed at this piece of tech!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sinbad View Post
    Can't believe there's no mention of the Ericsson 337 / 388 there. For me that was a groundbreaker in terms of size...

    I got mugged while on my way home from varsity (had a 288). Then I got a 1018s which had a whole 3 lines of text!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tohir View Post
    +1! My kids play with mine. The one phone I couldn't stand back in the day was the Alcatel with its two line screen.
    Ericsson also had a phone with a two line screen.

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    How nostalgic arnt we all :-)..
    My 1st phone was the Nokia 3210 - got stolen.. had that phone for almost 5 years..

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    How many can you list?

    1. Ericsson GA628 ('97-'99)
    2. Nokia 6110i (99-01)
    3. Nokia 6310 (01-03)
    4. Something like a 6610 (03-05)
    5. 6230i (05-06)
    6. 6300 (07-09)
    7. Samsung Star (09-11)
    8. LG Optimus Black

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    Still have my 5110 in a drawer. All it needs is a new battery.

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    I still have a 6310 and the same battery is still going strong.
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    Nokia 5110i is more iconic than 6110i. Reason - cheaper, more affordable and it has better network monitor. MTN contractors still use 5110i for picking up tower CellID when installing repaters.

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    I had a SE K750i a few years back. The battery on that phone lasted me almost a week and its features were amazing for the time! Best phone I ever owned.
    Screw this...

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