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Thread: NeoConnect Home Plus

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    Default NeoConnect Home Plus

    I am a new customer to Neotel and at the rate things are going I won't be a customer for very long.
    The problems I am having are as follows:-
    1) The ZTE phone supplied by Neotel drops calls at random, drops the middle of a sentence whenever & generally any cheap cell phone is a better device than this.
    2) The router/data card supplied is almost as slow accessing the internet as my dialup connection from 10 years ago. It also looses configuration whenever it feels like it. I am currently using my CellC dongle to write to you as using the Neotel router/datacard device cannot even connect to Neotel's website in a reasonable time.

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    Yo your instincts and re-read the last bit of your sentence, I was in the same trap, and I tried to cancel coz I had no signal and they still made me PAY (R999pm) even though they signed me up for a 2yr contract, their systems showed I WAS FULLY home and 14.4kbs dial up here I come... (at R999pm ???) anyway, save yourself the frustrations, had to drive to their head office which was in woodmead area back then for hours and hours to sort this out...everytime I went there their MANAGER was on lunch...I can get there at 9am in the morning and guess they are on lunch, useless bunch at wonder its failing... Don't get me wrong, I had HIGH hopes for them...but the proof is in the pudding.

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