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Thread: UPS recommendations?

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    Default UPS recommendations?

    I will be working from home soon, and Tshwane municipality has this unusual definition of power supply. Now you see it, now you don't.

    I'm aware that any Uninterruptible Power Supply will sort of work with a Mac, it really is just a big battery, but a USB connection and a Lion-compatible app to monitor it would be a bonus.

    I don't need a whole-day solution. I just want to power the iMac and the modem for an additional half-hour so I can do an orderly shutdown and switch my workflow to something else. External, of course (I said it was an iMac). Inexpensive is good. If you have experiences to share, please do.

    And don't say "switch to a laptop". Junior's school fees are coming up.

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    Have a look at the APC range.
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