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View Poll Results: Please rate your Vodacom 3G/HSPA connection on speed, stability and reliability

135. You may not vote on this poll
  • 5 – Excellent (much better than expected)

    6 4.44%
  • 4 – Good (better than expected)

    35 25.93%
  • 3 – Fair (exactly as expected)

    46 34.07%
  • 2 – Bad (worse than expected)

    30 22.22%
  • 1 – Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    18 13.33%
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Thread: Vodacom 3G/HSPA – Please rate your broadband connection

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    Mar 2006


    I use my Vodacom connection primarily in my BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300 in Sabie, Mpumalanga.

    I rated the connection as Good (better than expected). I have heard some really bad complaints regarding the BIS network and slow speeds, but I have been on BIS for more than 2 weeks and I am hardly frustrated.

    The connection is fast and stable. I rarely have problems connecting, although some App downloads take long at times on the BB Appworld.

    I also have a Secondary Prepaid Data Only sim card that I have used in my 3G Modem and there were no issues to complain about either.

    All in all, I am happy with the service that Vodacom currently provides, but I would appreciate if the cost of data (primarily data bundles) could be reduced.
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    Greenstone Hill, Edenvale

    I was on Vodacom 3G until a few days ago but couldn't stand the intermittent signal quality.

    I set up an 8ta data-only sim on the 2+1 offer and am quite happy thus far - speedtest puts me at 1.5mb/s download versus the Vodacom average of 0.15-0.5mb/s; plus it's significantly cheaper.

    I still have the Vodacom sim for when I need roaming and there is no 8ta to be found, however.

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    speed: Great, 3mbps+
    stability: Decent, lose connection every now and then.
    Reliabillity: Good.
    Prices: Pathetic. Disgraceful. Makes me sick. etc.

    I'm in Hermanus.
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    In the Pretoria/Centurion. Quite content with speeds and reliability. I voted a 5 on the poll cos to me the it hasn't had any problems or connectivity issues.

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    Nov 2010


    I would vote 3, as there is nothing special, but generally OK, except very poor speed in January over weekends (it was my last month with Vodacom). However due to their rip-off attitude and stealing my data and then trying to hide their system problems by obfuscated roll-over policy which wasn't in force when I bought my Internet Starter Pack. It is why getting 2.

    Location: JHB/near Diepsloot

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    Sep 2008
    Back in CPT!


    I rate 4, I live in Eerste River and I get great download speeds but at my in-laws place in Tuscany Glen I get intermittent connection varying from no connection in certain rooms in the house to 3G speeds in other rooms.

    Overall I'm happy. I just loaded a 1Gb data bundle on my phone and purchased the R201 router with the 2+2 promotion.

    At home download speed 5.2Mb/s, upload 3.1Mb/s with the R201 Wi-Fi router.
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    rpm - can't you create a poll like this for Vodacom BIS?

    I'd be very interested in seeing those results. I did a test yesterday at Paulshof (Porsche Centre) on a BB Torch (BIS) and iPad (standard 3G). The 'standard' 3G was 46x faster download speed and 20x less lag - the upload timed out on BIS.

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    Quote Originally Posted by elf_lord_ZC5 View Post
    Bloemfontein - K4605 modem mostly good speeds, 18-19 MBps otherwise 12 - 14 MBps.

    Speeds are the fastest for all connections I have. Have connection stability and latency variation hassles time to time. Fix those, and Vodacom has best connection in my area - without any reservations. Also coverage is not complete but better than other ISP's.
    WHAT!? MBps?! Those speeds are awesome. You mist be the only person on vdc in Bloem

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    Mar 2012


    I use Vodacom in Potchefstroom. I use both prepaid and contract SIMS.
    Average download speed is around 8Mbps peeking occasionally at 16Mbps
    Average upload speed is around 3Mbps peeking occasionally at 7Mbps

    The Good
    My connection is extremely reliable and I have seldomly had problems. When I have had problems Vodacom's friendly and efficient customer care have sorted the problem out immediately.

    The Vodafone Mobile Broadband connection application has had massive improvements since it was launched.

    If you compare the prices of Vodacom's 3G / HSDPA packages to ADSL, it is much cheaper to go for 3G / HSDPA as the line rental alone for a 384 Kbps line is R152 and you still need to pay an ISP whereas on Vodacom you can getet 2GB of fast 3G / HSDPA data for only R149.

    The Bad

    Unfortunately HSDPA signal as well as WIFI signal is susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and this can have serious impact on signal strength and quality.

    The Vodafone Mobile Broadband connection application has a couple of software bugs that need to be fixed.

    What Vodacom can do to make me happier
    -Reduce broadband prices significantly
    -Offer better packages to prepaid customers and offer contract deals like the 2GB promotion for R149 to prepaid customers.
    -Return the 20GB special for R499.

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    Apr 2008
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    I use my 3G Vodacom all over the Western Cape achieving excelent reliability/speed as ecpected. I only wish Vodacom would change the rollover to 90days moving over to FIFO for bundle use. Lastly improve the 3G coverage in Montagu especially at the Avalon Springs area.

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    Grandmaster Beri's Avatar
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    Sep 2006
    Port Elizabeth, Westering, Newton park


    Love them or hate them……… but in the end they are not bad when it comes to speed and connectivity.
    If they can do something about the price I would be at their door every time. You can go to JHB DURBS or PE and you know you will have a good connection.
    Using it in Westering/Central Port Elizabeth.

    All I ask is a price to fit my pocket…. And it must be prepaid

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    I live in Durban and it is mostly stable and fast however sometimes I need to disconnect and reconnect to get a good connection.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rpm View Post
    Hi there

    Can you please rate your Vodacom 3G/HSPA connection on speed, stability and reliability? Do you get what you expected, or is your experience better or worse than what you expected?

    It will be great if you can also tell us:

    • In which area/s you use your connection?
    • What can Vodacom do to make you a happier customer?

    Please post your comments in this thread (by posting your views you will stand a chance to win an iPad 2).
    Speed: Average
    Stability: Poor
    Reliability: Average

    The 3G connection is in the Soneike, Kuilsrivier, Cape Town area.

    I connect at various times day & night, in most cases only on EDGE and much later a 3G reception.
    Increase the bandwidth & more towers to be erected.

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    When I use it via my phone, it is wonderful. I haven't had good experiences with my father's 3G modem. It really struggles to maintain a good connection or even to connect some times, even though he can see the cell tower that is +/- 800m away. I personally think its the modem, but I don't use it anymore so I don't need to worry. The phone connections are fast, but still this technology is no good for gaming or anything synchronous.

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    My 3G connection isn't bad at the moment.

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