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View Poll Results: Please rate your 8ta 3G/HSPA connection on speed, stability and reliability

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  • 5 Excellent (much better than expected)

    39 23.78%
  • 4 Good (better than expected)

    50 30.49%
  • 3 Fair (exactly as expected)

    31 18.90%
  • 2 Bad (worse than expected)

    25 15.24%
  • 1 Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    19 11.59%
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Thread: 8ta 3G/HSPA Please rate your broadband connection

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    Parklands, Cape Town
    60gigs + 60gigs special

    Decent, but not amazing, speeds most of the time.
    Would like it to be more consistent. On the odd occasion, speeds can be terrible.

    Connection drops happen occasionally, which is very annoying.
    Especially when you are downloading large files that don't support resuming.

    I'd rate it as fair. I've moved over from CellC, and 8ta's performance has been a bit better so far.
    I'd like to commend them on the pricing of their specials.

    Will be very happy with the product if they can sort out the disconnects and occasional poor speeds.

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    Edit.. Ooops... was meant to post in the Cell C thread... mods can delete this.... sorrry.

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    What can 8TA do to make you a happier customer?

    Multiple Sims

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    Bloemfontein - 8ta non- roaming SIM, best speeds 8-11 MBps. No widespread covarage, reasonably stable when in good coverage area, tho latencies can jump all over the place at times.

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    4/5 Prepaid - 2+1 promo's

    speed, stability and reliability?: good/good/good - odd time it lags on international but they all do

    In which area/s you use your connection?: North Beach, Durban

    What can 8TA do to make you a happier customer?: With prices your doing great - just don't let the network turn to trash with too many subscribers unless you can keep on top of the congestion with upgrades - CellC seemed to fall into that hole.
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    In which area/s you use your connection?
    Wilgeheuwel/Radiokop area. Indoor-connection strength fluctuates between 22% & 51%, depending on the weather

    What can 8TA do to make you a happier customer?
    R199pm for 10GB is an excellent deal. More deals/promo's along this line will be most welcome. How about Uncapped, throttled to 512Kb/s after 20GB, for R450?
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    I use my 8ta prepaid sim in Sabie, Mpumalanga Roaming on MTN.

    I have at times full HSDPA signal, but I tend to have constant disconnections that last more than 30 minutes at a time.

    I rated the service as Bad (worse than expected). I find the cost of data to be cheap, but it doesn't help much if I can't maintain a constant connection.
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    I live in Paarl .. basically next to the 8ta tower. I have 99% signal strength and an RSSI -80 , which is very good for 3g..

    Now the speeds and latency have been very bad and unreliable. This is a telkom/8ta issues...

    during the day its fine but at night it becomes unusable and i get really bad jitters . the first month in December when i got this , I was over the moon ....

    Now im pretty much pissed...

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    Greenstone Hill, Edenvale

    I was on Vodacom 3G until a few days ago but couldn't stand the intermittent signal quality.

    I set up an 8ta data-only sim on the 2+1 offer and am quite happy thus far - speedtest puts me at 1.5mb/s download versus the Vodacom average of 0.15-0.5mb/s; plus it's significantly cheaper.

    I still have the Vodacom sim for when I need roaming and there is no 8ta to be found, however.

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    East London

    Pretty stable and solid. Does fluctuate at the end of the month.
    I am on the 10gig promo. Latency is an issue though.

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    In which area/s you use your connection?

    What can 8TA do to make you a happier customer?
    Make the connection more reliable. When I need internet I don't want to wait 30 min before I can use it!
    Speed is also dismal at certain times, so ensuring speed is at least 1mbps
    Reduce latency and stop dropping my connection. Makes it useless besides for basic browsing

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    In which area/s you use your connection?

    What can 8TA do to make you a happier customer?
    Tower congestion in the area is a problem, very noticeable at the end of the month when everyone is trying to squeeze out the last few bytes. So, add more capacity to the towers in the area and increase speeds.

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    Voted no4 - Good (better than expected)

    In which area/s do you use your connection?
    Polokwane and surrounding areas mostly

    What can 8ta do to make you a happier customer?
    If possible, make the 2+1gb promo permanent
    Speed up the roll out of new towers to improve coverage. Don't stagnate because of the ATC deal
    Sort out bad latency issues many are experiencing
    Make the *188# results show in the USSD menu. Don't send the info via sms.

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    8ta started very well. They are still busy working with towers, sometime signal is jumping more than 10dBm, sometime signal strenght is stable, but there are plenty disconnections during data transfer. Speed is very good, close to Cell C, but not better. Main problem is stability of the connection, wake-up from idle is slow, response is erratic at times (local ping times vary from excellent 40ms to 1s). This is with good signal strenght -75dBm (the best of all networks in the area - surprise). International pings are slower than expected but still good. However erratic response makes it not acceptable for Skype.

    I must say that this erratic response is not always, during last week it happened not so frequent as from beginning of February.

    Location: JHB/near Diepsloot

    What 8ta makes me happy? Good promotions and also getting lucky receiving 50% back on recharge in February.
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    In which area/s you use your connection?
    Tyger Valley, Bellville

    What can 8TA do to make you a happier customer?
    Not much. The R199 for 10GB + R100 for another 10GB (between 12 and 5) is the best broadband deal in SA at the moment. Very happy.

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