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View Poll Results: Please rate your Telkom ADSL 1Mbps connection on speed, stability and reliability

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  • 5 Excellent (much better than expected)

    37 17.05%
  • 4 Good (better than expected)

    80 36.87%
  • 3 Fair (exactly as expected)

    68 31.34%
  • 2 Bad (worse than expected)

    17 7.83%
  • 1 Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    15 6.91%
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Thread: Telkom ADSL 1Mbps Please rate your connection

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    Aug 2003
    Cape Town, South Africa.


    To be honest, this has to date been my best experience since getting my ADSL. The line has been very stable, with 1 exception, but this was eventually sorted out.

    I am & have been very happy with my 1Mbps ADSL so far.

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    Not had any real issues with Telkom. Still think the 1mb line is very expensive, but the 384kbps line is so slow that it is just not viable anymore.

    According to my line runs at between 700 to 800kbps. The actual maximum download speed I get is 110kbps. Would have thought that would be a bit higher considering it's a 1mb line.

    Will stick with Telkom as, for me, the ADSL line is much more reliable than any 3G mobile connections.

    Location: Port Elizabeth
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    I get decent line speeds and the connection is quite stable especially since my attenuation is 53.
    As far as what Telkom can do to improve - quicker responses to fixing faults - I had no access for 7 weeks and eventually got the fault fixed by nagging incessantly.

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    Apr 2010


    Bad (since I moved). Speed is quite erratic at the new exchange.

    What Telkom can do: Provide enough bandwidth at the exchanges, reduce the insanely high line rental and for god's sake, scrap the mandatory phone line rental.
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    Being on 384 means I cannot expect much speed I guess. But I am only on the 384 line because the 1mb line is still overpriced, and not to mention having to rent the analog line even if you only use the data connection.

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    Line never goes down. I have an attenuation of 59db down, yet I still get excellent results. I also love that Upload is 512k, made a massive difference to my overall experience when upgrading from 384k/128k(up).

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    I am reasonably happy, as it generally provides the speeds I expect, and is generally stable.

    In comparison to the current 8ta special, the line rental alone is very expensive, before even signing up for any bandwidth.
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    Default Telkom 1mb line

    Speed as expected. Voted 3/5

    Latency is great

    My line used to drop a lot, but this was due to cable that got wet. Now its sorted!

    Recommendation: Drop line rental cost, so I only have to pay my ISP for ADSL.

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    Connection works fine, but for the price telkom needs to improve upload and download speeds and maybe provide Naked ADSL - because the landline is just an extra cost for ADSL which I never use.

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    May 2006


    How is youtube on 1MB line?

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    My office line is listed as a 512 and when they upgraded the speed to 1mb everything went wrong. All slowed down, dropped the connection but a phone call to them and the speed was dropped back to 512 again, and since then, stable, reliable and generally (when neotel doesn't dig up the lines) always there.

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    Line speed is great so far.

    It might be worth considering a price reduction on DSL lines at some point

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brawler View Post
    How is youtube on 1MB line?
    If you go with less than 480p (like I do when I stream over Wi-fi to my phone) most of the time you shouldn't have any pauses in the video due to empty buffers.

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    My 1MB line is pretty stable and quite happy with it

    I agree with the others though a drop in price or bump in speed will make it even better
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    1MB telkom and it was fantastic until January this year and has been getting worse.....i could crawl down the connection and carry the stuff faster

    trying to watch youtube is not something i would advice not unless you have a good stash of wacky baccy and a crate of southern comfort at hand.....

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