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View Poll Results: Please rate your Telkom ADSL 4Mbps connection on speed, stability and reliability

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  • 5 Excellent (much better than expected)

    61 18.54%
  • 4 Good (better than expected)

    98 29.79%
  • 3 Fair (exactly as expected)

    89 27.05%
  • 2 Bad (worse than expected)

    54 16.41%
  • 1 Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    27 8.21%
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Thread: Telkom ADSL 4Mbps Please rate your connection

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2008
    Bellville South


    My view for telkom to make me happy as a 4mb adsl customer is as follow.

    If they do not want to provide a naked ADSL service due to the technical reasons why not
    Give Free analog rentel with every 1Mb or 4Mb adsl rentel taken

    No Do 1,2 or 3 and 4 just plain and simple free analog rentel with every adsl line rented for those that just want adsl.

    What due MyBB think. This is what other countries do provide free analog with when ADSL is taken Blacklisted clients Welcome to Apply for PayDay loans,Personal Loans.We also offer TopUp cellphone and tablet deals.

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    3 Fair (exactly as expected) - Im getting around 3.5 Mb on 4 mb line
    Johannesburg Wireless User Group.

  3. #138


    Speeds tend to fluctuate quite often. But generally it's alright.

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2008


    During the day i get about 2.8Mbps.
    At night I get around 3.3-3.6Mbps.
    Ping of about 200ms to London.
    Overall I'm quite happy.
    Last year the line used to have stability problems when it was raining, but they have fixed this.
    Overall stability seems to have gotten better over the years.
    However, I expect more for what I pay.

  5. #140


    6 Mbps line, line is stable and so far only had 1 major issue with Telkom which was fixed the on same day.

  6. #141


    Telkom could goto more gated estates and ask residents to pre-signup for adsl (12 month contract), only then will telkom deploy infrastructure where no infrastructure exists.

  7. #142


    Line's been fine - no hassles at all.
    Soos 'n choppie op die vuur.

  8. #143


    happy with my line, only problem was the amount of time telkom took to come and install it , otherwise the other issues relate to ISP

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    Default gr8

    Quote Originally Posted by Brenden_E View Post
    Line's been fine - no hassles at all.
    Same here, faults and address moves attended to either 2days later or at the scheduled move date.

    Stolen copper repaired within no less than a week even in cases of major transmission line theft.

    Credits given where needed and overall great experience and cannot be compared to anything else in the market today.


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    Mar 2004
    New Congo / New Nigeria,(Muizenberg),CT


    Telkom needs to up the speed offerings.

    South Peninsula in CT still on 1Meg......

  11. #146


    Would really like to see the cost reduced for 4mbps and introducing a higher price for 10mbps.

  12. #147


    Had my 4mb for about 2 years now and have been happy with it, the line performs as a 4mb line should. Have had some issues with loss of sync which Telkom has since resolved
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    Oct 2005
    On a pale blue dot.


    3 – Fair (exactly as expected) -

    Can't complain in general at all. Line is doggedly reliable and latency is as good as can be expected in the Garden Route.
    Only complaint is that our area supports 10mb according to the telkom site, but not getting any love as yet.

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    I get max speed 99% of the time and I sync at the best possible speeds for my line (afaik):
    Line Rate - Upstream (Kbps): 1019
    Line Rate - Downstream (Kbps): 10015

    I am very happy with my line.

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    My connection is good for a 4 Mbps line. Only problem is that it used to be 10 Mbps connection when I got it, until a lightning strike on the exchange equipment / DSLAM (apparently). It was restored to 4 Mbps, and Telkom can't / won't increase it back to 10

    So, please Telkom - roll out faster speeds for everyone, and sort out the congested exchanges too.

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