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View Poll Results: Please rate your Telkom ADSL 4Mbps connection on speed, stability and reliability

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  • 5 Excellent (much better than expected)

    61 18.54%
  • 4 Good (better than expected)

    98 29.79%
  • 3 Fair (exactly as expected)

    89 27.05%
  • 2 Bad (worse than expected)

    54 16.41%
  • 1 Pathetic (much worse than expected)

    27 8.21%
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Thread: Telkom ADSL 4Mbps Please rate your connection

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    Thus far I've been happy with my 4MB Telkom ADSL line, I've had 2-3 outages since 2003/4 and a line-cut because of a fallen tree branch, but other than that everything has been smooth sailing regarding the line.

    The only thing (from my experience) that Telkom can do is to lower the line-rental price.


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    I work for an ISP so I can immediately check information pertaining to my line. I am pretty far from my DSLAM so the line attenuation and signal strength is not so great. The values do allow me to scrape by on a 4MB connection with no issues however (the exchange does support 10MB).

    No major problems for the past year.

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    I've never had any problems with my 4Mbps ADSL Line. Never had an outage (only had 4Mbps for 2 years), syncs every time and last week it was bump up to 6Mbps without me going on my knees and pleading with Telkom to upgrade line .
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    It might be a bad time for the vote when it comes to my adsl, was always performing tops and got speeds of up to 420kb/s but lately my exchange got struck by heavy congestion which is currently rendering my ADSL service useless. I get pings of access of 1000ms locally between 7pm and 1am and even during the day pings vary from 30ms - 600ms.

    And as most would know getting Telkom to upgrade or have any eta, feedback, or any usable information to when the fault would be resolved is absolutely impossible. Issue logged at 10 Feb 2012 although persisted long before the reported time and still no real information to when it will get fixed. Help desk tells me that technicians are currently working on the problem and upgrading the DSLAM where as the technicians are telling me that they cant do anything and are waiting on management.

    Currently still waiting for the supervisor to call me back but there promises is almost just as empty as the normal help desk support. So basically useless service I'm paying for at this stage.

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    4Mbps line max speed is about 3.5 Mbps. Other than that no problems. Very stable and reliable.

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    I would love for Telkom to upgrade the exchange I am connecting to so that I can get 10Mbps.

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    I think the biggest nightmare with rating ADSL is simply you're either very happy or not. If your exchange is over congested or you have bad lines in your area (lines on poles etc) it can take years for Telkom to sort it out if ever. From an external point of view you also have no idea IF they'll sort it out.
    If on the other hand you dont have over congestion or any major issues in your area the ADSL experience will probably be fairly pleasent. I cant imagine 3G/iburst/etc comparing with the reliability and consistancy of ADSL.

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    Happy with my ADSL line, get consistently good speeds overall using WebAfrica. 4mbit line most often yields +400KB/s speeds. To improve I'd really like Telkom to up the line speed to 10mbps. That would be awesome

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    Have had a 4 meg connection for quite some time, and i must say the sefvice is pretty good. When we have gone down they sent a technician out within 24hrs, so no complaints from my side.

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    * What can Telkom do to improve the service and make you a happier customer?

    NAKED ADSL - my Voice portion has never (5 years) worked, but I still get billed for it.
    I don't need the voice just want ADSL.

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    Been on 4mb for for 2 years at home..extremely stable. Had 1 lightning strike which fried a box on a pole..Telkom repaired within 48hrs of reporting so quite happy with that. Would say Ive had 99% up time on the line which is impressive.

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    I'd say the biggest thing is price and installing an exchange closer to me so we can get higher speeds.. Can't sync at more than 5Mb or the line drops way to often. At 4Mb it's stable.
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    Fair. I can't recall any problems in several years of having ADSL.

    Telkom could offer me 10mbps. I am currently on 6mbps because they said my line could not support more than that. My line stats would seem to disagree.

    Pricing could also be better(cheaper). I don't feel I need even 4mbps but it's currently the best value for money option.
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    It's good enough, I've using the service for about two years now and I've never had any issues. I get what I pay for, my dsl speed is always at about 3.6MB which I think is good and download speed of about 800kbps.

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    Just drop the 'other' i.e. pointless line rental fee

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