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Thread: Lodging Agreement and Special Levies

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    Default Lodging Agreement and Special Levies

    I own a flat and have a lodger. We have a written lodging agreement where he pays R3600 p/m including electricity and domestic. Itís a sectional title and this month the board implemented a special levy of R600 (which was agreed upon at the last AGM) for painting the complex. This levy will be paid over the next 12 months. I did not include this in my calculations when I worked out the price for the lodging agreement. Would it be fair to ask the lodger to contribute towards the special monthly levy?

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    No it would not be fair, you made an agreement stick with it.

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    I do not think it would be fair to expect a lodger to pay for capital improvements to your own flat...
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    In all fairness you did not include this possibility in the agreement so your lodger is expecting R3600pm and no more. You could ask for it, maybe the lodger will agree to it, but would probably not be liable for it.
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    Most contracts that deal with levies have a clause that stipulate that the levy will change from time to time and you are responsible for it. If you do not have a similar agreement in your contract then you can do nothing until the contact expires.

    You could talk to the tenants and gauge what their feelings are towards the levy, maybe you are lucky and have reasonable tenants, otherwise you will just have to foot the bill.

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