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Thread: SSD And Encryption

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    Default SSD And Encryption

    What is the performance hit for using LUKS encryption on an SSD, since it will be used in a ultraportable, it is wise that encryption is used. I will be using Linux, what disadvantages would there be without using TRIM, as well as using LUKS?. Should i also reserve 25% of the drive for wear leveling ?

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    How long do you plan to use the drive? How much will you be writing to the drive(writes a day)?

    I think encryption will be done mainly before the data hits the drive, so you'll be writing only encrypted data.

    I think you'll be fine, and will replace the drive in 2~3 years anyway (given how things are going...). The only issue you will have is that without TRIM, your drive will start slowing down as time goes on !
    I'm new here...

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