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Thread: Just wondering about the price I paid... 199 to 210?!

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    Unhappy Just wondering about the price I paid... 199 to 210?!

    I started using 8ta 10gig last year, I was supposed to be paying R199 a month right?
    This month they charged R210, is there some clause or something I did not read or something that states this is what I'm supposed to be paying, if February is a shorter month, shouldn't it be less?!
    What can I do about this, if anything?
    Just wondering about this... If logic hasn't kicked in, it's not what should be!

    As well my speeds have been shocking lately, I am using an older Android for USB tethering, I have read that I need to update the OS on it, but it's been disconnecting from the network frequently, that I have to disable Tethering, and re-enable it, for it seems to disconnect or be extremely slow if I don't... Does anyone else have a problem with that? Just wondering....

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    You don't pay for daily access, so no February won't cost you cheaper than other months. You pay for 10gb (which is the amount of data you can download in any one calendar month)

    If I were you I'd check my 8ta statement to check where the extra cost came from. Talking about cellphone only here, they usually leave out the extra cost CLI etc would add onto the bill (which is mandatory). However I can't say for certain as to why. Companies usually bump up their prices more or less this time of year. So it might be that you're on a month-to-month contract? (you didn't say)

    If you're not on a month-to-month, I'd say give it till end of this month, if you pay the same without any indication as to what the extra charge is for, I'd go and complain about it to a manager and if they're not able to help or refund the extra money paid for it, send it through to a consumer protection agency to follow it up as they're breaching contract/breaking the law and would have to investigate at a head-office level.

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    Its probably a billing fee theyve added

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