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Thread: Dubai's 2nd ISP blocks

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    Quote Originally Posted by copacetic View Post
    True or not, it's utterly ludicrous to censor an entire country from a sub-reddit, because people mock religion with cartoons...
    For sure. Though I'm sure we are all familiar with how Muslims react to artistic depictions of Mohammed.
    Rise, in honour of Reason.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hungrybeaver View Post
    Well /r/atheism is one of the most hated subreddits on reddit. There is not much discussion but rather a fair amount of deity mocking along with few submissions worthy of discussion (check /r/trueatheism for discussions). These days >80% of submitted content are images that mock religion in some way.

    OP, is /r/christianity blocked? Is /r/exmuslim blocked?
    I've read many posts where people said "they needed those pesky comics" to point out to them how silly it all really is.

    I'm personally not a fan of it, except for maybe the philosoraptor memes. short, to the point, and makes sense (99% of the time)

    Thanks for the link to /r/trueatheism though, i'll check it out as that is what tickles my fancy.

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