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Thread: Supporters and the Argus

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    Default Supporters and the Argus

    I have a couple of mates doing the Argus this weekend and I'm keen to find a spot and watch the race and them as they come past. Now my idea was a setting up at a spot near the end of the race with a coolerbox and a couple of beers. - but I'm not sure how legal that is.

    This possible? Or will it have to be a sober event?


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    Sep 2008
    Hout Bay, Cape Town


    I'm sure I have seen guys chilling on Victoria Road with beers and umbrellas, while the cops are a few metres down the road. As long as you don't interfere with the race I doubt they will have an issue with it.

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    That should be fine - there are loads of people who do that up Suikerbossie/Wynberg hill.

    When I go past give me a beer

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