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Thread: Does anyone use iConnect for VIOP?

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    Question Does anyone use iConnect for VIOP?


    Does anyone use iConnect for VIOP?

    Our VIOP over ADSL gives varying call quality and I am lead to believe that iConnects VOIP over IPC will improve our call quality.

    Anyone had experience with this situation?

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    I got various hassles with them I switched to and I am amazed by the quality and high level of service. The pricing is very competitive as well.

    Im just using them for a sip trunk though and manage my VOIP gateway myself.

    PS. Im running of Mweb uncapped 4mbps ADSL
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    What sort of hassles did you have, if you don't mind me asking?

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    We use Iconnnect - we've been migrated from after their merge / buy-out.

    It may be the handsets we're using (Seimens A580IP) but my (three) staff are forever muttering about the poor call quality. From that location we use an IPC account over a 1Mbps DSL line.

    At home I use 8ta data and a SNOM320 handset and I can't complain about my call quality.

    I will try a SNOM at the the other location, but haven't had the gap yet.

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    in my experience the A580's are always "too soft" and no matter how high you set the volume (3 steps in total) it always sucks on sip, other than that the phone is okay, as far as the call quality goes, check that the phone is sending the right codec (under settings you need to select own codec preference and use only g729) and that the rtp ports match to what the sip server is expecting.

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    So far my experience with iConnect has been somewhat of a disaster:

    I have been waiting for nearly 2 months a proper contract. The one supplied had incorrect call rates and was for a contract period of several years. I am waiting for their new prepaid contract with the correct call charges.

    The support guys were unable to send details for my PBX configuration in one go. The configuration settings have been sent to me during the course of a month in no less than 4 emails.

    To date no one can confirm what call rates we are on.

    The night before we went live, we could not receive incoming calls on our new phone number. We were however able to make outgoing calls.

    Between 16:00 and 18:00 I spoke to iConnect no less than 4 times asking to speak to technical support. Each time they took my details and reassured me that someone from afterhours support would contact me. No one contacted me…

    I called on the “go live” day and spoke to the support department manger and told her of my situation. She did not convey any surprise or concern than no one from afterhours support had contacted me. I asked her to get back to me about why no one contacted me from support. I am still waiting for her call…

    Today I still do not have incoming calls and no one will tell me what call rates we are on.

    Our phone bill is circa R20,000 per month but perhaps that is not enough to get any attention.
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    The problem is that you are not on a core network with iConnect, I know they are resellers for various carriers,

    If you have the infrastructure in place I can have you switched to Nashua ECN within 48 hours with inbound and outbound working at the rates below.

    ECN Rates as follows: (pure per second billing)
    local 27c
    national 37c
    blended 34c
    Vodacom / MTN 85c
    All other 95c

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    Thankfully after speaking to the management I got a call from a senior technician yesterday afternoon who sorted out the incoming call problem in about 15 mins.

    I still have not been provided with the call rates we are currently being charged. By my calculations we are being overcharged compared to what we were initially quoted. I would have thought it was easy to tell a customer what call rates they were on.

    InfinityMVS, would you please PM me with more details.

    If iConnect cannot sort things out by close of business on Friday I will be going back to my old service provider and then looking around for alternatives.

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    Give me your business. I will give you better rates and better service. We preconfigure all of our PBX's and then ship them to customers making it a completely painless experience.

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    Hi Superspeed,

    We have gone back to our old service provider and will reevaluate the matter in the near future. Cheers

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    The with iConnect problems continue. After iConnect finally calculated the amount they overcharged us, they are now dragging their heals with the refund. The last message I had from them was requesting me to invoice them for the refund!? I have never heard of having to invoice a company to get a refund.

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    Hi Oceans11. Are you sorted now. I have good relats with most people in the voice industry if you need to chat.

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