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Thread: Saving pictures from WhatsApp to my iPhone

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    Default Saving pictures from WhatsApp to my iPhone

    Here's a question that I sincerely hope will not, but fully expect to, become a double-face-palm moment.

    I cannot figure out how to save incoming WhatsApp images, to my iPhones picture/camera roll. Is there some shortcut that I'm missing?

    Currently, my workaround involves emailing the pics to myself, but they are then far-diminished in size.

    If I press and hold the image, I only get the "copy" option. Pressing the "arrow-rectangle(?)" button, only brings up "Assign to Contact; Use as Wallpaper (in WhatsApp); Forward via Email; Forward via WhatsApp" as options - there is no simple 'save' option.

    Any ideas?

    Or is this simply a feature that WhatsApp, for whatever reason, does not have?

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    Default Saving pictures from WhatsApp to my iPhone

    On the I phone when somebody sends you a image over what's app you have the option to download it. After you download it that option changes to 2 desperate options view and forward. At this time the image is already in your camera roll.

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    When you see the photo on WhatsApp, doesn't it give you the option to view or download?

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    Whatsapp>settings>chat settings>save incoming media.... Set it to on and all images will automatically be saved to camera roll....
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    By default my whatsapp saves it to my camera roll if I choose "Download"

    Whatapp also stores it in itself under "Info" in the contact that sent you the picture and "View all Media"

    You would have to download the image in a specific time frame otherwise it becomes unavailable. But I didn't have to mess with settings for it to automatically save to my camera roll or their media compartment

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    Thanks all.

    That did the trick. I must have disabled the auto-save in settings when I first installed it.
    Working now.

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