This is just a little feedback about the NCC.
A whole year after an initial complaint I received and email from the NCC saying I should attend a hearing.

I replied that the issue has been sorted a VERY long time ago and they should withdraw any complaint.

After that I received this from different person.
Good Day.

Please provide me with your contact details so that we can have a telephonic follow-up regarding your complaint.

Please respond to this email as soon as possible.
I just forwarded my initial reply, saying that they can withdraw the case.

Then I received this email today.
Good day.

Could you please in brief tell how your matter was resolved or sorted because we want to close your file.
The information is important because we have to provide reasons why we say the matter is close or withdrawm.

Your agence response will be appreciated.

Most computers have spell check, don't they?

Look, I don't expect an immediate response, or even a response within a couple of days, but 13 months later?
I honestly forgot about this entire issue. It happened long ago and I put it in my past.

There are probably others that had better luck when looking for help with an issue, but I'm simply wondering, are consumers almost better off on their own or is the NCC as useful as consumers hoped it would be?

Anyway, best of luck to all consumers out there! Hope there's a happy ending!