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Thread: Torrent question?

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    Question Torrent question?

    So I'm new to torrents using 8ta to dwnload. And I noticed that I was uploading more than I was downloading so I set the upload speed to 1.0 kbs, getting decent download speed 48-15 kibs for a torrent and using a lot less data, is there something wrong with doing this?

    Don't think I'm getting the best speed though? But I'd prefer it that way if it saves data.
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    You can leave it that way for as long as it remains constant, but sooner or later your downloads are going to drop as well.

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    All depends on how many people are seeding and at what speeds etc. If you're on any form of capped account, I suggest keeping the upload speed between 1-5kb/s

    If I were you I'd use a service like downstorm (sp?) that downloads the torrents for you and you just download via HTTP. Should be much much faster and there's a community of guys there so you don't necessarily have to pay for huge amount of space on your own account to get what others probably also already downloaded.

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    Rather download via http or nzb if you are on a capped account, uses much less data to get what you want since you have 0 upload and little to no overhead.

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