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Thread: Are there any VOIP providers in South Africa for the consumer market?

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    087 numbers is problematic from international routing side, plenty a times Midstream security would call using a 087 number, we are not able to call back.... - this is pretty common across the 087 range.

    As for international use, e.g. from NZ, then our parent company could help you... [email protected] - as they are launching operators in several countries, including South Africa (piloting at this stage)

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    You can sign up for a free number. This will be a six figure number (user ID) like [email protected] .

    Configure this number in your SIP device with the user name/password that you registered.

    This number can be called from a range of local numbers worldwide through the PSTN access number list. In the case of South Africa two PSTN numbers are available in Cape Town +27-21-3001911 and Johannesburg +27-10-5001866. Because these numbers are local landline numbers they do not incur the higher charges of the 087 numbers for the caller.

    When any of the PSTN access numbers are called a voice prompt asks the user to dial the desired number. The user first has to dial the VOIP provider prefix which for the case of IPTel is *478 followed by the IPTel number of the user to be called.

    So a caller in SA can dial 010-5001866, at the voice prompt dial again *478 123456 and then your SIP device will ring.

    The process of making this two step call can be automated for the caller by inserting a pause of 3 secs between the 010-5001866 number and the *478 123456 number and save it in the contact list of his telephone device. For information about inserting pauses when dialing out consult the manual of the particular device in hand.

    For an Android App to receive calls on your smartphone you can configure CSipSiple with the IPTel login details. Now for an incoming call both phones (smartphone & SIP device) should ring and the one that answers the call first will be able to communicate while the other one will be muted.

    Any IPTel number can be reached in this way by any of the worldwide SipBroker PSTN number access list.

    More information can also be found at

    For a cost comparison about outgoing VOIP calls check

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    xy12 Hi

    Iptel is a nice option, but the Johannesburg access number you posted is not a Telkom number. It is a Switch telecom number, which means that if I call that number from my Telkom phone, I will be charged aprox 65c a minute.

    all the best.


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    Default Solution

    Quote Originally Posted by PaulB_ZA View Post
    Hi there, I live in New Zealand I still have my whole family apart from my parents living in Cape Town. Anyway, I was wondering I signed up with a local VOIP provider here in NZ which you pay a low fee for I think it's $11 NZD a month, and the calls are on a pay per minute basis with I think 500 free minutes per month. I have also ordered a Linksys PAP2-NA ATA unit from Hong Kong, which should arrive any day now. Anyway, I was wondering are they any VOIP providers in South Africa that you know of, that has a similar thing going? If I had to get a local 021, or 011 voip number, and with the ata unit, I could be able to use it on an analog phone. People who call me, could save big money, as it's just a local, or national call being charged, and it's not interational.

    Does anyone know if South Africa has such a thing going?

    Hi there,

    You can get it right through a company called IT Solution Experts. They can provide you with a local South African VoIP account that you can load onto your PAP2T ATA. If you do the same at your parents you can call free between the two devises as it is seen as on network calls. If you call anywhere in South Africa it will be a lot cheaper as well. And cheaper to other countries through that VoIP account. You can email them at [email protected] for more information. They will be able to assist you with the whole issue that you have.


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