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Thread: AAaaaaargh help needed unblocking websites!

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    Quote Originally Posted by oraclebob View Post
    Thanks MK1

    I'll see if that works tomorrow. (at lunhc time, if that suits you Madman).
    If we catch apps like this at work, guy gets a written warning and dealt with by HR... Playing with fire to just bugger around on the internet, if there is a business need speak to the IT tech and he will unblock it, otherwise DEAL!

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    what about VPNs? did not test one at work but have one home for accessing Hulu and Pandora ;-). You can get a trial account from ibVPN and test it.

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    I've always found it amusing how some management types think that blocking the internet increases productivity.
    If that were the case, then companies like Google would have zero productivity with their free massages, rec areas with video games, pool tables, gym, buffet meals, etc etc etc

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    Otherwise if you have a always on PC at home you can always RDP to it or use

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