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Thread: BlackBerry BIS Useless (Sinoville)

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    Default BlackBerry BIS Useless (Sinoville)

    For the last week or 2 my blackberry, my sister's and my father's blackberry phones have been completely useless in the evening. Sometimes it starts to slow down in the afternoon.
    We can receive emails, WhatsApp messages and BBMs (though they take very long to send and receive). Browsing is basically off all together. Takes me about 20 tries to load google, nevermind use it to search for anything.

    As far as I can tell it is faster in other areas but I'm always in the Sinoville area at night so I have no other areas to compare with.

    If there is anyone from the Sinoville area, that have blackberry phones, could you please tell me how your experience has been the last two weeks?
    If your not in the area but also have a similar problem like this I would also like to know.

    BTW, I'm on Vodacom and doubt that it is just a Vodacom related problem. My mother is also on Vodacom but has a Samsung and her internet works fine, so I believe its blackberry or the BIS service or something like that.
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    I'm also in the Sinoville area and can't seem to access anything via the Blackberry browser (Vodacom), regardless of the time. I've stopped using it and now rather google and browse from the PC.

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