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Thread: A possible solution to bypass shaping on SA uncapped ADSL accounts!

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    Default A possible solution to bypass shaping on SA uncapped ADSL accounts!

    Hi guys, this is especially written for Telecom NZ when they launched an unlimited plan a few years ago, which was heavilly throttled. which they have since discontinued. Anyway, it got discontinued becuase people kept on bypassing the shaping and apparantly downloading terabytes of data at high speed and they discontiued the plan.

    I found an article which explains how to do it, I haven't tried it becuase we have since moved on to another uncapped plan, and the throttling isn't half as bad as what we had.

    Here it is!.

    As I said before, this was written for people intending it to be used in NZ. However uncapped is uncapped, and is shaped in the same way. I can't see why it's not worth a try. No ISP specific settings there, so I don't see any reason why people would have issues with it.

    Let me know how you get on.

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    .. If you bypass the shaping, you can have your account disabled.

    There's plenty ways around (VPNs, Proxies, HTTPS, etc ), but going around means that you are violating the ToS and lose your uncapped account.

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    not worth it. ....

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    Im happy with my 4mb speed on mweb so won't need to do this.
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