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Thread: Cinnamon update thread

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    Default Cinnamon update thread

    Since I feel that creating a new topic for each release, lets just use this one thread and update it as need be.

    New release 1.4

    Cinnamon 1.4 has been released today and the major change in this release is a new hot corner behavior which can now use either workspace selection (like Compiz "Expo") or window selection (like Compiz "Scale"). In expo mode, you can add or remove workspaces and when you hover a workspace, the windows are arranged like in the overview so you can see all available windows (which you can drag onto another workspace, etc.). Also, the hot corner position can now be changed.

    • Panel edit mode
    • A new Cinnamon Settings panel applet which lets you restart Cinnamon, start Looking Glass, restore all settings to default, quickly access panel settings, and so on
    • Option to only use workspaces on primary monitor
    • Cinnamon menu editor (forked from alacarte)
    • Improved support for RTL languages
    • Added 'Visible on all workspaces' and "Move to workspace" to the window list
    • Favourites improvements (you can add an application to the favourites by drag and drop, etc.)
    • Many bug fixes

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    My Ubuntu dvd turned out to be a Kubuntu dvd and I don't feel like KDE->Gnome now.... oh well
    Quote Originally Posted by Rickster View Post
    Why is everyone going ape **** over this car, it looks like junk and the performance must be too.
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    Oh no you didn't

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    I hate that hot corner idea

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    Reviews here check the initial one as well - linked to from the review.

    Looks like it will be a decent alternative to Unity/Gnome3 if you favour Gnome2 (like I do).
    At the moment happy with what I have, viz SL 6.2 (main), Ubuntu 10.04LTS, Ku&Xubuntu 11.10
    (Simply don't like Unity).
    Scientific Linux, Xubuntu, Kubuntu,

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