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Thread: BIS & BES Data

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    Default BIS & BES Data

    Hi All

    I have a query regarding BIS/BES on my 9800

    I have BES and BIS enabled on my Torch. I wanted to find out if downloads on my on device browser will go through the standard voda BIS server or if they'll go through my company's server.

    Any input will be appreciated


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    Is it a company phone? Because if it is, there's a 9/10 chance that its going through the company server, and they keeping an eagles hawk eye on the phone, that's the point of BES... To watch employees. You have been warned

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    Depends on how your BES has been setup. If it allows your phone access to utilise BIS traffic, it goes through BIS otherwise it will go through BES and then whatever proxy or control your company has. By default the option is off as it is not neccesary to have the internet traffic routed through the company and not efficent either. However either method can see your traffic logged if that is a concern. BES allows complete control over the device if neccesary but it all depends on your IT department and their knowledge.
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