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I'd also much prefer something like this instead of just being billed into oblivion. I accidentally went about 3.3 GB out-of-bundle from March 1 00:00:28 AM to March 1 08:44:04 AM and now have a balance of R8,280 that's due end of April. The only SMS I received to warn me about this was sent on March 5, 2012 and by then it was of course already too late.

But yes, it's the customer's responsibility to control their data usage..
It is Vodacom's responsibility to see to it that they put up a fully functional web site for public access, and the client always get screwed without the benefit of vaseline, they are that cheap ... , regardless of their ability to display your data usage on your profile.

Which makes one "wonder" a bit whether they really can accurately track your usage or are they just guessing ...

I am another that gets "No bundle information available", which is wonderfully informative, when trying to find out how much data I have used or have left.

When I plug my modem into my laptop, the data connection comes up, and when I pull the stick out, it very obviously "dies"

No dashboards, or other tools to hopefully give some indication of accurate data usage ...