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Thread: DSLR Video

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    Have you heard of Magic Lantern ... Pimp out yer 600d! HDR video! FPS control! Focus peaking in your EVF! And lots of other fancy-shmancy tweaks!
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    In answer to your original question....

    I would avoid any solution that requires you to re-encode your video into a lossy format before editing. You will be rendering lossy source footage out to a lossy target format so avoiding adding generations is important.

    You should be able to edit with high speed scrubbing 1080p h264 video in real time on any modern intel Mac. Your video will be transcoded into a optimized 422 format for editing purposes but the source will be left untouched. You can further transcode your editing footage into a low quality proxy format. You will edit using the high speed low bit rate proxy media which is great if you have multiple camera angles to work with.

    In either case when your project is rendered the original high quality source media is used.

    On a PC it depends on your editing solution. Ive tried Sony Vegas and Avid Pinnacle both are super slow. I believe Adobe Premiere now has GPU acceleration but requires specific Nvida GPU's to enable this so didn't work for me. Avid media creator has a similar proxy meda system but is too expensive for me to justify.

    Hope that helps?

    Quote Originally Posted by ronald911 View Post
    Anyone doing shooting video with DSLR's here?
    Anyway, I got some footage, but as we all know, Canon DSLR's use H.264 video codec, which is highly compressed and therefore could make editing video a lot slower.
    Any recommended formats that I should encode my footage to?

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    Check out this site.

    This guy got some nice videos and tips on shooting video on Canon 550D

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