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Thread: Thanks Metro!

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    Default Thanks Metro!

    I write this with a little bit of hesitance…

    Not because I think that all Metro persons are incapable of reading, no that would be rude and probably a bit wrong.

    I am hesitant because it is a waste of time to vent, lately no one seems to give a crap about anything. So why would Metro give a damn about what we the public and their salary payers think of them?

    You see, I was misguided all these years, I was under the impression that Metro and other law enforcing institutes were there to protect and to serve. To make sure law abiding citizens were looked after and that those that adhered to the rules of the road could go about their business and daily routine without frustration.

    How wrong I was. Because it seems to me that the fastest way to arrive at your destination these days is to follow a fellow “law abiding taxi” in the yellow lanes. I always thought they were for emergency vehicles or when you are unfortunate enough to break down, but it turns out it is the secret “fast” lane they never told us about. And I know it is secret, because not even Metro stops taxis when they travel in this secret lane right before their eyes.

    I was also horribly wrong all these years and under the assumption that one of Metro’s tasks was to make sure traffic could flow during peak hour, so that we could in fact get to our jobs on time, so that we can continue to pay ridiculously high taxes on everything.

    But no. When robots are not working, which seems to be every single day lately, they will not direct traffic, because it would mean getting out of their motor vehicle and we cannot have that. Instead their motor vehicles are parked at key intersections like the Rivonia offramp, to cause a backup that can probably be seen from space. And I know they cause it, because when they are busy molesting a poor woman somewhere that morning and not there, the traffic flows perfectly.

    You would assume that using common sense and opening their eyes they could actually see the chaos they are causing, but once again that was another logical assumption by me and i do apologize.

    Like I said, this will not solve anything or change anything, it is just nice to finally accept that I was the one that was wrong all these years.

    Keep up the… work Metro!

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    They are there to protect(their hard earned bribes) and serve(their own interests).
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