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Thread: Neotel

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    Post Neotel

    Just test my speed
    Download .48mps Upload .18mps
    What is better than Neotel
    Please help or I will burn my modem

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    Burn it and then hit it with a stick to make sure. Use a brick if you have to.
    8ta 10 gig for R199 p/m is working pretty well for me so far.

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    Will be dumping Neotel for the 8ta 60+60 promo.

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    If you want an always on, fast and reliable broadband connection then get 10mb ADSL with a good ISP.

    I pay about R799 - I get a 50gig CAP and 10mbps whenever I want it otherwise there is uncapped but its much slower and more unreliable.

    Direct Downloads 800 to 1050 kB/sec
    P2p 400 to 1050kB/sec
    Steam 900 to 1050kB/sec
    Speedtest 8.56mbps
    Local latency 11ms

    Its very rare not to get full line speed.
    Intel i7 4770|Asus Sabertooth Z87|Corsair Vengeance 2400Mhz 8Gig|Asus GTX 680|OCZ Vertex & Agility 60G/512G SSD|CM GX 800W|CM690 IIA|Dell 30" IPS 2560 x 1600

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    neowhat, neowho?

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