Hey guys,

Thought id post a review about an awesome app I stumbled across. Basically it works similarly to how a download accelerator works - by splitting the file into chunks and downloading each chunk separately. SpeedbitHD does the same thing, but for streaming. I have the app on my iPhone, iPad and Mac and was amazed by the results. 720p videos played instantly without buffering on my 4meg uncapped line (i usually have to wait for it to buffer to at least half way). 1080p video was very close to playing smoothly, but did buffer occasionally. The iPad and iPhone versions are free - the Mac version isn't free, but comes with a 15 day trial. Definitely a winning app and delivers on its promise! A perk of the iPhone and iPad apps are that they allow you to stream the HD versions of videos from youtube - something that isn't possible on the built in youtube app.

One drawback: it is site specific on the MAC & PC versions - they support a whole lot of sites such as youtube, vimeo etc. IGN was not supported though. iPad and iPhone versions only support youtube from what I could tell.

Definitely worth a try for the guys on shaped lines!

on the Apple Appstore it can be found by searching for SpeedBitHD. Their website is www.videoaccelerator.com