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Thread: How do i login into MyBurst or where is myburst?

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    Angry How do i login into MyBurst or where is myburst?

    They say i must use myburst to see my account details. I have searched google and looked into but i cannot locate myburst. My login details on the iburst site give me an error. I just joined iburst last week and already not happy with their customer services and the call center is forever not available. I have great reception though but stressing about customer services and when i think for the next 24 month i will be with them i just feel some doubts. help me locate myburst.

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    Top tab: Customer Service
    Account Summary

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    Well if that worked i wasn't gona post ths thread. I received my package with login details that only work on connecting the modem last week Thursday. So from that day onward i was trying to access my account, sent iburst emails and even tried calling but no consultant was available.

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    Now why you posting? Must we magically know your username and password?

    Tried?: [email protected] or [email protected]

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    Ohkay thanks the [email protected] worked. Thats what i was looking for.

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    Glad to help. Now expect the worst service next to telkom.

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    What worries me now is im under iburst control. When i want to relocate to another location it must be in iburst's map. That sucks don't have much freedom.

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