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Thread: Unable to buy bandwidth

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    Angry Unable to buy bandwidth

    Having some problems since yesterday not being able to purchase more cap. After logging in and selecting payment by account, the bandwidth booster list only shows 'please select' instead of the usual 1gb, etc list.
    I really need the cap for online banking today.

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    You need to contact customer support, had the same issue and only after contacting them did they rectify the issue and I could buy bandwidth. Not sure what the actual problem was though.

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    Yeah I had the same problem, apparently it has to do with an account cap which limits how much you can incur on account with iBurst.. Sorry to say, but you have to give the helpdesk a call m8.

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    Same issue here. Contacted them about not being able to use the creditcard payment option and they fixed the account payment option, oh well :P

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    Sorted it out. For some reason I was behind with payments even though Iburst is on debit order. ah well.

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