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Thread: Monitor for Photo Editing

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    Default Monitor for Photo Editing

    Does anyone have advice on a good (cost effective) monitor for photo editing. As one possibility I saw that the LG IPS236 won the prize for best entry level monitor at the Technical Image Press Association awards (

    Another alternative is an LCD TV due to their relatively advanced panels. Has anyone here tried this for photo editing (i.e. how is the colour reproduction when driving it via the VGA port)?

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    The LG IPS LCDs (and other brand 21.5/23" IPS LCDs which are LG e-IPS panel-based) would be your best option on a budget. The AOC Razor 23" was around R2,200 recently at Nivo. LG IPS235/236 float around R2,500.

    e-IPS = 6-bit with AFRC for simulated 8-bit colour.

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    Thanks, it looks like there are some decent options at a low price.

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    Whatever you buy you need to factor in the cost of purchasing a monitor calibration device or else you're wasting your time.

    Like this one.

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