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Thread: connected but speeds very low and cannot browse/mail

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    Default connected but speeds very low and cannot browse/mail

    Hi guys. am i right in saying these low speeds will stop browsers from working?
    i bought an 8ta sim and 2-1 gig promo and loaded the data. downloaded 8ta connect and installed on my pc. i have currently disabled firewall and removed antivirus. the modem connects to the network with excellent signal strength but speeds are is a link to a screenshot i took.

    really hope. someone can help.

    forgot to mention im using a e220 modem...
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    Hi Silverthorne!

    Please go to the following thread and provide us with the required information so we may assist.

    Social Media Team

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    ? Can you access
    ? Can you "ping"
    ? Can you "ping" (google by IP number)
    Post here DNS servers from the output of "ipconfig /all" command

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