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Thread: Home Wireless ADSL Network - 6 devices

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    Default Home Wireless ADSL Network - 6 devices

    My wired adsl router broke 2 nights ago, and I desperately need to get my internet back. I was planning on buying a wireless router anyway, but now it's being forced on me today, so I need advice. The router will be wired to the main pc and won't be moved from there. I will then want to connect two laptops and two Nokia N8s wirelessly to it (in the adjacent room), and possibly a 3rd N8 and another laptop.

    I've never been interested in the networking side of things (purely interested in programming/software only), and I've never had a need for it before, but over the last few months I have become increasingly frustrated. I thought I could avoid the wireless router for a while by doing the Windows 7 hotspot thing, but it only worked periodically. Also my N8's wifi has always been spotty (my only issue with an otherwise glorious phone). So now I need to do this. Today.

    I was looking at the Belkin N150, but I'm not sure if it is suitable for me. Normally I would research stuff like this for weeks before making a decision, but like I said, I'm running out of time, so literally any advice at all would be great.

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    Well luckily there aren't many options to consider, as you'll see from the 30000 other threads on this exact topic.

    For all-in-ones at the moment, there are pretty much three solid ones:

    Cisco Linksys WAG120N
    D-Link DSL-2760U
    Netgear DGN2200M

    In terms of everything, it's much of a muchness between them - usually the choice just boils down to brand preference. The latter two have 3G fail-over through their USB ports, which useful to some, but others prefer the Cisco name above all else.

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    I'm not a fan of Belkin or Netgear routers/modems.

    Please just take note that the Belkom N150 DOES NOT include an ADSL modem, so you'll need a separate devices that can be your ADSL modem.

    If you're looking for an all-in-one solution (ADSL modem + router), then have a look at the TP-Link W8960N: (R529 incl VAT) (R529 excl VAT)

    The D-Link 2750U or 2760U are definitely good alternatives too.

    When it comes to ADSL modems, I prefer D-Link & TP-Link above all other brands, especially when you need to do fancy things such as bridge/half-bridge mode, or if you have poor signal-to-noise ratios on your ADSL line.
    Cisco makes excellent enterprise class products, but their consumer products are overpriced and crap.
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    R345 ex vat,runs rock solid,good wireless range for its price,and they often give MyBB members discounts
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    D-Link +1

    Fantastic interfaces, good quality and can't beat value for that price. I find D-Links tend to synch ADSL lines at higher bitrates with less packet loss than other brands.
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