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Thread: Streaming SuperSport Live to iPad- flash enabled apps?

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    Default Streaming SuperSport Live to iPad- flash enabled apps?

    Hi all,

    Does anyone know whether any of the flash-enabled browsers available on the app store will support live streaming from the Supersport website? It won't work without flash, and obviously SS want you to buy a Drifta.... Any way round this?


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    The best way is to bug SS with emails ect and ask them to use HTML5 in their IPad app which can do Live Streaming. See what Sky Sports did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sky Sports for iPad 2.0 launches with live TV streaming, F1 Race Control companion
    By Richard Lawler posted Mar 16th 2012 6:08AM

    Another day, another app release from the folks at Sky, who have this time around delivered v2.0 of Sky Sports for iPad (formerly Sky Sports News). Coming just in time for the F1 2012 season, this iteration includes not only live streaming of the four Sky Sports channels and Sky Sports F1 HD, but it also has a new F1 Race Control companion feature built-in. During a race, it lets viewers choose from eight different camera feeds with in-car and pit lane views, in-race highlights, live race data like lap times and integrated social media feeds -- while these are just for racing now, according to Sky's blog post, we may see similar ones for other sports soon. Access to the app is included with various Sky TV packages, while those in the UK and Ireland without a TV plan can get access to the app and Sky Sports News channel streaming for 4.99 per month, billed through iTunes. Check it out there for a few more screenshots or to download and get ready for the Australian GP.
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