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Thread: switching from tertuary Institutions.

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    Default switching from tertuary Institutions.

    Hey guys... Is it possible for me to switch from IMM GSM where I am doing a BBA degree, to Tuks and do a BBA or B(com) Marketing, will I be able to use credits from my first and second year at IMM and just finish my 3rd year at TUKS?

    I studied Bsc(IT) at Tuks for 2 years but that failed epiclly, so I do have some subjects such as entrepreneurship and also the leteracy subjects.

    Thank you!


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    Not 100% sure,but from what i can remember if you switch you can only use 50% of your credits from 1 institution towards a degree from another institution. its a HESA rule iirc? probably to stop people from just doing 2 subjects and getting another tuks and ask sure they can give you an accurate answer.

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    You will also probably need to get the course info for each course you want transfer so the destination institution can compare them to their existing courses.

    You will almost definitely have to redo part of second year though, similar to @HeftyCrab I have heard that more than 50% of the credits for a degree have to come from the institution that gives you the degree.

    Your best bet is to find the Head of School/ head of level for the new institution and get them to help you through the process.

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