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Thread: Allshare with Samsung

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    Default Allshare with Samsung


    I have just completed the setup of my homenetwork.

    Connections as follows:

    2 x windows 7 pc
    Samsung BD-D5100 blu-ray connected via netwrok cable to router
    Samsung LA40D550 LCD connected via network cable to router

    I am struglling to use the allshar capability, neither of my samsung devices see my pc. i can also only see my tv in my network map.

    Please help.

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    i use a duoplus 300wr router.

    both devices connect to internet without any problems

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    i take it you want to watch movies or play music from your pc on your samsung devices?

    you need a media server application running on the pc's, i use ps3 media server mainly because it's free and also because i can stream to my ps3
    this will allow you to stream via allshare, works on my samsung galaxy s2

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    Or run the clunky Allshare software on your pc.

    Download from Samsung website.

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    i have the clunky all share software on my pc.

    When i look at the software, i can see both my blu ray and tv is connected.

    I cannot see these devices on my network map. All my sharing options are correct and im also not able to see the devices on network sharing centre.

    my windows firewall is switch off.

    Im dont know what to try any more

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    Rather use Serviio.
    You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

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    If I remember correctly you have to specify which content you want to share to which device as well.

    Allshare was just a pain in the end for me as it would work for a while and then disconnect.

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    Quote Originally Posted by efitol View Post
    Rather use Serviio.
    Agreed, the Samsung AllShare software for Windows is terrible. Serviio is probably the slickest, most compatible with Samsung hw DLNA server for Windows atm.

    My media server of choice is Plex Media Server, but the (recently introduced) DLNA server functionality is not ready for prime time yet.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Nux
    Oh,what a day...what a lovely day!

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    i cant get serviio to work....

    Manage to get the crappy allshare software to work once... restarted my pc and now not seen on tv again!


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    What do you mean you can't get Serviio to work? What's the problem exactly?
    You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

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    Serviio does see my tv.....

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    Serviio does not see my devices

    refresh is greyed out

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    is there someone out there that has succesfully connected samsung tv and blu ray to network and managed to stream videos etc from pc on these devices?

    Please help? I am at a dead end!


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    contacting samsung for help is just about like asking a todler for help

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    Did you start the Serviio service?

    And yes, I do use Serviio to stream to my PS51D550 telly with no issues.
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    You find me offensive? I find you offensive for finding me offensive.

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