I have a query and im not sure if anyone might know the answer,

Firstly i bought the samsung PS51D550 last year october and since i got it i installed the samsung allshare software on my PC and streamed media via it with only 1 issue. When i try watch anime like Naruto which has all the subtitles embedded in the actual video it does not pick up these subtitles. tried looking around for a subtitles option and no where can i actually turn these on. Seems like it does not work? Anyone have any other ideas? I have now started streaming video via my PS3 (using Ps3 media server, samsung allshare, serviio) they atleast show the subtitles but the sound lands up lagging behine the actual video, so you seeing subtitles for something that has already happened or about to happen, not too sure which way round but its not right. the same episode on the PC works perfectly.

I just cannot find a way to watch these episodes via my TV, any help would be appreciated.