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Thread: What uptodate maps can I use for my GPS/DVD unit?

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    Default What uptodate maps can I use for my GPS/DVD unit?


    I have bought an iNav GPS/DVD navigation system for my car.

    The maps the company sells is iGo8 which was updated in Dec 2010. I cant find any iGo maps in SA that is newer. If I search the net outside SA it looks like iGo9 is newer but SA was update Feb 2011. Not much newer.

    Is there any other maps that I know will work with my unit that is up to date. Specially around Johannesburg where Gautrain contruction is completed not to long ago.

    So far Garmap/TomTom cant give me any guarantee that it will work. And to fork out I R1k for a maybe… is not worth it.

    Also the unit specs states that it can support 3D maps… any of these using it? Can the speeding cameras still be updated on these that makes use of an SD card-from what i understand all maps that are available on an SD card is is locked and cannot be upgraded?

    Unit Specs:
    • Operating System: Windows CE 6.0
    • GPS Resolution Output: 800*480
    • Media Player: Yes
    • Card Supported: Micro-SD Card
    • Max Memory Supported: 8GB
    • Compatible Maps: iGO, Garmap, nDrive, PolNav, Route66, TomTom.. (supports 3D maps)
    • Click here for available navigation software and maps --> IGo8
    • GPS Baud Rate: 9600
    • Com Port: 2
    • GPS Chip SiRF IV
    • CPU Samsung 2440 (533MHz max)
    • RAM 128MB

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    Your best bet is to simply replace your unit with either the basic TomTom or Garmin Unit as they both cost about R 1,000 each - and then you have access to the latest 2012 mapsets - with FREE updates for both available as a bonus!

    If you install Garmin Communicator on your PC first, you can connect your Garmin GPS to your PC, then go to the local Garmap website - - and do a weekly update of their traffic hazards and speed camera database to your Garmin GPS - for free!

    TomTom also offer their MyTomTom service which you also download off their website as well to do updates to their GPS units.
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    Hi Ivan,

    Thansk for your reply.
    The thing is that the unit i have is build into the car. I would love to make use of that still.

    What software do Mercs/BMW's/Renaults use in their build in systems?


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    Hey Chrispie, Im looking for the same. have you had any luck since the last post? My GPS part of the double din doesnt work any more. when i select it the igo logo comes up and it looks like its loading fine then the whole unit goes black and starts rebooting. I think reinstalling Igo with the SA maps is the answer but I dont know where to find them any suggestions?

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