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Thread: You won lots of money scams and spam.

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    Default You won lots of money scams and spam.

    I've been receiving quite of lot of these on my cellphone and kinda getting fed up with it. They are so obvious it hurt, my question is why isn't action being taken against these people. In my opinion the moment the number comes through it should be banned and the people it belongs to should be fined and jailed.

    Maybe if actual action gets taken, we'd end up with less sms spam.

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    Because the police don't care about crime prevention. Some would say that they also don't care about crime fighting. I have gone to the police with a similar case and asked them to investigate. They asked me if I had lost money, I said no I didn't but others might, and they sent me away without opening a file or investigating. I went to the bank who's account was being used and they wouldn't do anything without a police case number.
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    The police don't care and the cellular providers don't care. An SMS sent is just revenue for them. If you cut the scammer off he won't be sending as many sms messages.
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