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Thread: App concept: One User for Maps

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    Default App concept: One User for Maps

    For Roguemat
    The Problem
    What is frustrating and sometimes even "impossible", is the user update features on various maps.

    I see an incorrect speed limit on a nokia map, I have to use their hidden feature, want to add a place to Bing maps for others to see, I still don't know how to do that.

    What would be great is if an app provider created one account at all these maps and allow users to update via this app's one profile, which is optimised for updating content, not map features.

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    So to make sure I understand, you would like an app that does not do mapping and directions, but rather just allows you to add/edit info like speed limits, cameras etc, and one click adds it to both bing and Nokia maps?

    If that is the case, I am not sure any of the map providers would actually allow a third party to add data
    EDIT: Although, it may be possible. Will look into it once I get an answer to the above.

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    Yes. I know Nokia allowed reporting. Not sure about Bing and very frustrated with SA maps with no content for nearby places, events etc. I want to contribute to my town.

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