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Thread: Virgin Mobile and Blackberry email

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    Default Virgin Mobile and Blackberry email

    I have a major challenge to solve an email problem after I started using a vodacom issued curve 8520 on the Virgin network.

    It keeps on giving me the "Your device had a problem connecting to the server" when I try getting into the email settings to try and change my password. This even though BIS/BBM runs without any problem.

    Virgin staff apparently did a "security wipe" on the phone at one on their stores which solved the other problem (i.e. SMS sending and receiving), and also had my Gmail account running again after they had their technical staff on the line for more than a hour and had me provide them with my Gmail account detail, including the password.

    It seems that they managed to get this done on the "network side" because when I change my Gmail password via a different internet device, the 8520 does not allow me the change the password on it by giving me this "connection to the server" error.

    Any idea how to solve this problem.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MaritzT View Post
    Virgin staff ...... had me provide them with my Gmail account detail, including the password.

    Any idea how to solve this problem.
    I'd try implementing 2-step verification in your GMail account & thereafter 'Application-specific password required'. It may even help solve your initial problem with the BB not accepting the password.

    Here are the instructions for both, if you've not already done so :

    I've never been charged for an incoming SMS from Google, but not with Virgin, and don't know if they support the service, so check up on this first of all:

    Note: In order to receive codes, you must use a mobile carrier that supports text or automated voice messages from Google. Standard messaging rates will apply.
    2-step verification ; How it works :

    Getting started with 2-step verification :

    By implementing this (above), at least Virgin now won't have access to your GMail a/c, if they decided to keep your a/c details as you stated in your post.

    Application-specific password required :

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    Thanks, I've added this additional layer of verification using SMS codes and the application specific password.

    However, the probable remains due to 2 reasons:
    (1) My 8520 simply does not request you to entry a new password when one changes the Gmail password settings, and you can also not modify the email account settings due to the above mentioned "server connection" error. Therefore the application specific passwords and SMS 2-step verification codes cannot be entered into this 8520.
    (2) Google also does not allow me to change my password back to what is was, which would remain a security vulnerability anyway.

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