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Thread: Linux Web Media Server

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    Default Linux Web Media Server

    Hi guys,

    Me and my room mate just got a galaxy tab each + we have our laptops etc.

    So what I have is a centos server running transmission with a web-ui so that we all download stuff directly to the server (keeping this organised) and a samba share so we can watch things.

    This was fine until the tablets came along, i have some samba file viewer where i can download some stuff to tablet but I can't "just watch it" like I can on my laptop.

    After some googling I found this AWESOME app/programme call subsonic, which lets me stream videos and music over a webbroweser(like my own youtube/grooveshark)

    The ONLY issue i have with it is that it reads files in a directory structure so music is locations in /media/HD1/Music. So if that HD gets full I create another folder on /media/HD2/Music then I now have 2 music folders which is a pain. Also as torrents get downloaded to /media/HD3/Torrents that is completely mixed with music/apps/videos/serias etc.

    So my question is simple. Is there another programme like subsonic that can scan directories and build its own folders based on the content and so I can scan /media/ and it will organise everything. it MUST support watching videos over the webbroweser.

    or is there a programme or script I can run the will organise my actual directories to match this?
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    Android: ES File Explorer + Samba module + Rock Player (Lite)

    Annoying little water mark on the player, but I use this to play media files directly from my Samba shares.

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    +1 On ESFE. I love that thing.

    You can create symlinks and join your folders that way.
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    use aufs, unionfs (or others) to union /media/HD1/ and /media/HD2/ as /media/Multimedia, then point subsonic at /media/Multimedia
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    3rd here, ES File Explorer is awesome, comes with it's own media player.

    Also try Rock Player and Meridian. That is the only apps I use for media and they have not failed me yet!

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    See if you can find a upnp server software, I use Tversity on windows, not sure what there is for linux..

    On the Tab install upnplay and Rockplayer

    See this thread..
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    Quote Originally Posted by mh348 View Post
    See if you can find a upnp server software, I use Tversity on windows, not sure what there is for linux..

    On the Tab install upnplay and Rockplayer

    See this thread..
    Thanks for that as I was going to ask if upnp could be installed on tablet as the brilliant XBMC could scan folders, extra media information for it and let it be played over upnp.

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    i use mediatomb its a dlna server works like a charm
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