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Thread: Iniuria - Guild Wars 2 SA guild

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    Cool Iniuria - Guild Wars 2 SA guild

    Southern Legion [ZA] - Largest South African Guild Wars 2 Guild - Aurora Glade
    Social Group Guild, PVP/PVE/WvWvW
    Server: Aurora Glade
    For Guild Invites: Bushbaby - BosBaBa.3286 | Shirou - Shirou.4098

    Hello and welcome to Southern Legion [ZA].

    We are glad that you have found your way to our guilds webpage and hope you enjoy it here. If you are looking for a guild that aims to have fun above all else while still being successful in all aspects of the game you have come to the right place. Our leadership team has been extremely successful in PvP and PvE in most other MMOs as well as being leaders and administrators of many other South African gaming communities.

    Southern Leagion was formed from the two largest South African guilds during the Guild Wars 2 Beta Weekends. Iniuria [INI] & Wag Vir Ons [PING] both had the same goals. They both had the dream of creating a guild that all South Africans can enjoy. A place that everyone could call home. A guild that participated it all activities and would try look after the many needs of South African players. So shortly after Beta Weekend 3 they decided to join forces and put all their efforts towards the same cause. And thus Southern Legion was born.

    While we have a forum and will always talk to each other via chat in-game most of our members already use Teamspeak 3 to socialize and get in touch with each other. We have our own locally hosted server which can easily handle hundreds of users. This is a great way to organize raids, get mass PvP going, set up group questing or get help with whatever you need. Even if you're not looking for help, it is also a great place to just hang out and chat.

    Everyone is welcome to join as long as you have a fun personality. The guild will always be open to, but not restricted to all South Africans as well as their friends. You are welcome to play and join with any profession you wish. Just go with the profession that you think you'll have the most fun with and you will fit right into the Guild!

    Guild Wars 2 also features Multi-guilding which is a great function that is supported and encouraged by the design of GW2. Because of this, we will never tell you not to join other guilds - in fact we would much rather you join guilds for specific team play interests (such as focusing explorable mode dungeon runs or competitive PvP) than try to bend this guild's vision to fit those interests. Don't get the wrong idea - this doesn't mean that we will never do things together as a guild - we intend to do lots together, and thus we hope that if you find yourself playing with members of the guild often, that you shift your active guild to this one so that we may benefit from the communal fun we are having and grow the guild together.

    Our Guild's colours are Orange, Gold and Black. These colours will represent us in-game as well, and although we will not be enforcing anything, we hope to see players who take part in Guild activities riding into battle adorned with the guild colours!

    But anyway... why are you still reading? Take a look around the rest of our site and community, and then sign-up if you think we have what you're looking for! We look forward to meeting you in-game!
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    Just hit 40 members not bad for 1 week

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    Hi guys

    Our community is going to be playing on the "Petrified Forest" server this beta weekend. I had a look around and couldn't find any South Africans that had picked a server so our members voted this morning and "Petrified Forest" took it. I hope all South Africans will join us there. Most of us have completed our 13gig downloads and are ready to go. If you have not done so yet here is the download link:

    My guild has a mumble VOIP server as well. You are all welcome to join us there even if the guild is not for you. You can get the mumble details from our guild website posted above. We have around 20-30 South Africans playing beta this weekend and would love to get other South Africans in on the buzz
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    Cool, thanks for the post - good to see guys are so eager and planning so well in advance!
    See you online, maybe
    What the mind can conceive, it can achieve.

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    I will join the "Petrified Forest" server.
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    Be Sure to catch us in game. Some of our usernames are already on the Site, including mine. Also if you keen to come chat with us come join us on mumble

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    Hey guys, we have over 70 members now with many friends and gaming community members going to join once game has been released. Join us if you are keen for a lekka SA guild.

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    We have merged with Wag Vir Ons [PING] and I have updated the Guild info. Please note that we are going with Lakeside County Server

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