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Thread: Bought phone in canada, Cant get 3G connection in South Africa (Samsung Galaxy Ace)

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    I think your right Occie - on the samsung link i was looking at, it had them all bundled as HSPA - (3G) which looks like that ain't correct according to GSMarena.
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    Is it not possible to flash it to a 5830 instead of a 5830L then you open the freq' s you need
    Don't even think about it, the filtering differs between the two models. You could of course change the filters if you are a dab hand at SMT rework soldering!

    The EEProm would also require flashing and you can't do this without access to specialised hardware/software, plus the IMEI on the new EEProm will be all zero's and would need to be corrected!

    Without RF realignment it may also be unstable!
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