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Thread: Simulcast TV

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    Default Simulcast TV

    Ok, hands up the balies, especially us rooineks, who remember this mission to go through just to watch certain shows

    Back in the 80's, the majority (if not all) TV shows were transmitted dubbed in Afrikaans, finish en klaar and if you wanted to hear the English original soundtrack, you had to set up a radio and watch the show that way. It wasn't specific or unique to SA but I remember it because it always seemed like so much effort the parents went to just to watch crap like Dynasty, lol. My Ouma and Oupa were also the first people on the block to get a TV with a built in simulcast, high tech for it's time!
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    I remember it and I also remember coming across a TV that had a built in radio. I also remember as a kid one of my schoolmates' dad was a doctor and had this tv that had a wired remote control.

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    Yeah I remember they used to have Alf on TV. Was always in Afrikaans. Had to tune into Radio 2000 for simulcast. Ahhh Melmac....
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    Used to watch spiderman like that, radio 2000 had the english and the tv had the xhosa?

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    Used to HATE it when there's a big cricket or rugby final on and I didn't get to hear the dialog!

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    I remember this! Epic.
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    I remember watching Beverly Hills 90210 like this And no... it wasn't by choice (watching 90210 that is).

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