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Thread: DIY Computer Programs in Magazines ?

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    Default DIY Computer Programs in Magazines ?

    Hey Hey Hey

    Who here remembers waiting for those computer magazines that had weekly / monthly DIY computer programming projects for the early home PC's ?

    Each edition would have the next part of code that would have to be typed into the machine and saved onto a cassette and then reloaded and added to for every edition... until finally you had a full, complete basic program that you would then have to go through line by line on the TV screen (no printer) and spot your spelling / typos in order to FINALLY make it run... and the air punch / WHOOOP of "Yowzer" when the little blobs of colour finally moved and the little speaker burped some sounds in a musical fashion.

    I do... and I miss them... nzb and torrents and pirate bay just are not the same.


    Pages and pages of...


    Which, in time, gave you;

    A type-in program, or just type-in, is a computer program listing printed in a computer magazine or book, meant to be typed in by the reader in order to run the program on a computer.

    Very common in the early home computer era of the late 1970s and 1980s, type-ins existed because of the period's lack of inexpensive portable storage media, the low frequency of usage of modems and bulletin board systems, and the relatively short length permitted for a program on a home computer with a main memory of a few tens of kilobytes[dubious – discuss]. Type-ins were often seen as useful for learning programming code (with users sometimes rewriting a program written for one system for use on another).
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    There were even books full of BASIC listings in most libraries in the 80's.

    This should bring back more memories:
    LOAD "*",8,1

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