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Thread: Help! My laptop wont shut down at all!!

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    Default Help! My laptop wont shut down at all!!


    I recently downgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit. I have a Dell XPS L502X Notebook (see specs on my signature).

    I installed Win7 correctly, it didnt show any errors. When I click start, then the shut down button, my computer follows the whole shut down procedure, then after shut down, it restarts, even though i didnt ask it to restart.

    Is there any way to fix this problem?


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    CMD, shutdown -s
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    Quote Originally Posted by Khanya View Post
    CMD, shutdown -s
    After entering this, it said "Windows will shut down in less than a minute". It shut down, but then it still restarted.

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    Hold the Power button down for at least 5 seconds AS it reboots - this will force a 'Hard Power Off' of the laptop. Then try and boot it up, and then shut down again, and see if it still does the same thing.

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    You could look in Event Viewer and see whether there is any Warning or Error Reports occuring at about the date and time the shutdown/startup occurs.

    Also try the following.
    Method 1
    You can Select Disable automatic restart on system failure through Advanced startup options.
    Advanced startup options (including safe mode)
    Note: Once you select this option it will throw up an error message, make an note of it to see what is causing the issue.

    Method 2
    Step 1
    You can boot your computer in Safe mode and see if the issue still persists.
    Advanced startup options (including safe mode)
    Step 2
    If the issue doesn’t persist in Safe mode, you can perform clean boot to see if any third party service is causing this issue.
    How to troubleshoot a problem by performing a clean boot in Windows Vista or in Windows 7
    Note : After troubleshooting follow Step 7: Reset the computer to start as usual

    Method 3 (my money is on this one)
    You can update the Display drivers for suspend issue and see if it helps.
    Update a driver for hardware that isn't working properly

    Method 4
    If the issue still persists, you can perform System Restore and see if it helps.
    System Restore

    Can also try:
    Go to device manager, network adapter, your network card... right click, properties, power managment. Check if "allow this device to wake up computer from standby mode" is selected. if so then uncheck it.
    Go to your bios and disable wake up on lan , or disable any setting that can bring the computer up from sleep.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ngadao08 View Post
    I installed Win7 correctly, it didnt show any errors.
    If not already done, reinstall Win7 as factory default install, I would guess that an upgrade may well leave bits and pieces of Win8.
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    Take the battery off and disconnect the power!

    If it still starts up then I suggest calling an exorcist!
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    Very helpful...... not

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    Aagh, just take the battery out.

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    If all the normal first checks have been done then I'd be more inclined to look at drivers...

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