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Thread: Need some lead in my Pencil for a 5-day trip

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    Default Need some lead in my Pencil for a 5-day trip

    Hey guys

    This is a throwaway account, for obvious reasons

    So i'm going on a 5-Day Trip with my GF, and need something to "boost" my stamina/erection... I don't really have ED or anything but it does happen *sometimes* mid-intercourse as with some other guys out there (I'm guessing)

    Are there any good products out there that you guys use (that works) and is available without prescription?
    I'll go for it if it's around 100 bucks - if it's too expensive i'll probably just forget about it and hope for the best
    (I've heard about maximor but have no idea if it works or if that's the one to go for)

    Like I said I don't have ED, I just don't want to run out of steam after the first or second day...
    My main goal is to just not go soft during intercourse after day 2

    Things I want to know:
    - When do I take it?
    - Can I take one every night on the trip?
    - Any possible Risks?
    - Will it affect my usual performance when I stop using it? (After the trip)
    - Does the effect go away after ejaculating, like normal...or will I be stuck with an erection?

    And lastly....i'm guessing the point of this stuff is to make you unable to lose an erection easily, until you ejaculate... but will it give a size increase at all? will it also make you last longer? (Not something I want)


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    Weed, chocolate or protein shakes.
    I don't have issues lol, but when using one of the above, its aloooooot better.

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    Well I'm not a weed smoker, unfortunately...

    I'd prefer a real solution that will give me the edge, instead of consuming lots of chocolate/protein shakes.

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    Horny Goat Weed Plus from Dischem.

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    Relax, don't raise your expectations and you'll be fine, I had issues of going soft in the past but overcame it mentally and with regular practice.

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    also forgot to ask... can I put a bottle of Horny Goat weed/Maximor in my luggage when flying, or are they going to think it may be drugs and stop me/take tests on the pills/etc

    I don't want to get into an embarrassing situation here and get my GF to start thinking I have ED or something

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    Why knock poor old ED?

    Learn some better techniques to satisfy your partner.

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    Your issues are head, not lead, related.

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    On second thoughts, maybe your GF should learn a few more techniques on how to sharpen your pencil to keep you interested.

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    Jul 2011


    Get these from Dischem
    This will definetly make you a hero
    Last edited by FNfal; 24-04-2012 at 06:01 PM.
    If it walks like a duck and kwaks like a duck ..its a duck
    Full consciousness will come to very few people in their life time .

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    C'mon, doesn't anybody out there know of anything that works to keep a solid Erection?

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    Pineapple yogurt; bonus is that your GF will like the aftertaste.

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    OK So far i've got:
    -Horny Goat Weed Plus
    -Chao Jimengnan

    Which one is the best/best value for money?
    (Needs to be available at a pharmacy)

    I see this Maximor stuff is like R160 for 4 tablets

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    Quote Originally Posted by Throwaway69 View Post
    C'mon, doesn't anybody out there know of anything that works to keep a solid Erection?
    Not being gay?
    ★ mAcme for Mac OS X & 3G
    I braaied and beered with the legendary MortyMoose and survived!

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    You should not need any stimulants in a healthy relationship.

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