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Thread: Mobile pricing and the regulatory challenges facing South Africa

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    Default Mobile pricing and the regulatory challenges facing South Africa

    Mobile pricing and the regulatory challenges facing South Africa

    South Africa compares poorly to other African countries when it comes to the affordability of mobile services

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    So if you say that these prices are never publicly assessed and no analysis of the prices is ever nationally or continentally published by the regulator, what needs to be put into place to make our pricing more transparent?

    Dr. Gillwald: The regulator needs to take the initiative to put out consumer oriented pricing comparisons that are accessible and understandable to the man on the street. We need to have thorough long-term oversight, regular reviews on the retail side as well as the wholesale or termination rate side together with efforts to educate the public about our national mobile pricing structures.
    Like ICASA is going to take the initiative

    Can Mybroadband not make a series of articles comparing our pricing with what is available in the other African countries?

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    they make billions and do nothing...... sounds correct to me

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    It costs more to make a call from MTN (MTN ZONE) to any other network then it did 2years ago. Last night I was charged +R3 calling a Vodacom number on 60% discount for just 1min:20secs. It didn't cost that much a month ago and it definately didn't cost that much 2years ago(on MTN ZONE atleast) Conclusion: MTN has raised prices & ICASA still sucks
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